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The first Crime Stopper program in the United States began in 1978 in Albuquerque, N.M. when detectives offered a "cash reward" for anonymous information in an unsolved homicide. The concept of receiving cash rewards and remaining completely anonymous was an instant success.

Since that time more than 1,200 Crime Stoppers programs have been established throughout the United States. The Gregg County Crime Stoppers program was incepted in 1982 and since that time more than 1,000 criminals have been arrested as a result of these confidential "tips". 2006 was our 25th anniversary and the program continues to grow.

In the past six years three hundred and forty-eight (348) suspects were arrested following tips made to Gregg County Crime Stoppers. This is the highest arrest rate in the history of the program. These are offenders that may not have been arrested through conventional police methods.

Since 1982, more than $1.7 Million in stolen property has been recovered and more than 2.0 Million illegal narcotics has been seized.

Gregg County Crime Stoppers Board Members  -  2011

Board of Directors:
President  - Tina Moody Bryan
Vice President  -  Gene Keenon
Treasurer  -  Scott Dickerson
Secretary  -  Ken Hartley

Board Members:

Member - Morgan Tomberlain
Member -  Mary Helen Bair
Member - David Puckett
Member -  Babette Tomberlain
Member -  Judy Hartley
Member -  Gene Noble
Member - Ken Davis
Member - Shirley Kapecky
Member - Tim Bryan

Law Enforcement Coordinators:

Gregg Co. S.O. (Program Coordinator) - Lt. Bill Drennan
Longview P.D. - Kristie Brian
Kilgore P.D. - Det. David Falco
White Oak P.D. - Sgt. Ferris Ellis
Gladewater P.D. - Det. David Burrows
Lakeport P.D. – Chief Wesley Freeman
Kilgore College P.D. - Chief Martin Pessink