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2012 Stats

04/18/ 2013

Gregg County Crime Stoppers ended 2012 with 83 suspects arrested and 98 crimes being cleared because of tips received from the public. Crime Stoppers paid out $28,000 in rewards for tips received that lead to the arrests of those individuals responsible for those crimes. Tips further resulted in over $34,000 in recovered property and over $59,000 in drugs being taken off the streets. The Board of Directors expresses its thanks to those who provided tips that help make our community a little safer.

Lt Wm. Drennan

Crime Stoppers & COP

02/11/ 2011

Gregg County Crime Stoppers has partnered with Longview's Citizens on Patrol by having our Logo displayed on their COP Vehicle. Check out the logo when you see the COP vehicle driving around town.

Lt Drennan